ShopEngine Pro v2.1.0 – WooCommerce Builder for Elementor (2023)

ShopEngine Pro v2.1.0 is the most comprehensive WooCommerce template builder that works with ElementorIt allows you to create and personalize your single cart, product pages archives page, checkout pages order page account page, and thank-you pages from scratch. A lightweight collection that comes with the WooCommerce application for Elementor with a lightning-fast loading speed, loaded with WooCommerce Builder Products Comparison, Wishlist, Variation Swatches Pre-order, and Quick Checkout.

Download Free ShopEngine Pro v2.1.0 - WooCommerce Builder for Elementor (2023)

WooCommerce Builder

Create your WooCommerce default templates for your pages visually with drag-and-drop builder tools without any programming knowledge.

Advanced Modules from our Advanced Modules will take your shop up to Next Level

Benefit from a variety of valuable and advanced modules
to maximize the value of your eCommerce store.

Variation Swatches

Useful and easy-to-use variations swatches for the display of gorgeous vibrant and attractive images, colors, buttons, and labels for products to enhance the customer experience.

  • Customize Swatch Profiles
  • Edit Attributes
  • Set Display Type & Style

Partial Payment

Enhance conversion rates by introducing an installment facility and assist your customers to obtain their desired item immediately, without having to think about it.

  • Set-Up Fixed or Percentage Deposit Amount
  • All WooCommerce payment methods are supported.
  • Supports Variation Products

Product Pre-Order

Make sure you know the expected product’s popularity in the market. Also, offer your customers the opportunity to pre-order the anticipated product.

  • You can manage pre-orders with a special section
  • Create a “pre-order” status for the product or service
  • The closing date is added for preorders.

Sales Pop-up Notification

Displaying your sales announcements on WooCommerce’s website WooCommerce website helps establish social proof, and creates an urgency in shoppers to buy items.

  • Display real-time WooCommerce buyer validation
  • Show virtual orders
  • High customization and device friendly


Product Flash Sale

Make attractive bargains and discounts on specific products or services that are only available for a specific period of time to boost sales.

  • Create an array of flash sales.
  • Individual pages with Flash sale.
  • Category or product-based flash sales.

Full Customization

Our huge widgets and libraries of modules let you personalize nearly everything.

Elegant Designs

Get a chic and stylish style for your eCommerce using ShopEngine

Effortless Shopping

Enhance the user experience using powerful modules and widgets of ShopEngine.

Continuous update

We are tackling every bug that comes along and we are constantly adding new features.

Lightweight & Fast

ShopEngine loads the appropriate assets only when the widget is utilized in the web page.

Friendly Support

Our team of experts is ready to help you to make use of ShopEngine correctly.

Alongside the comparison of products and wishlists, quick view, and swatches of variations, ShopEngine comes with 50+ Elementor widgets that you can drag and drop to allow you to build and personalize the look and feel of your eCommerce site to suit your needs and desire.

Take advantage of all the features of a fully-fledged online store without impacting loading speed, and with a deep customization feature by using Drag and Drop WooCommerce builders, ShopEngine. Make use of the potential of Elementor within Your WooCommerce website!


Let the Buyers Have a Quick View of Any Product

WooCommerce Quick view module lets customers take a glance at the products of your online store, without going to the specific product page.

Quick view of the product is among the most widely utilized WooCommerce extensions available for WooCommerce shops.

ShopEngine showcases a product lightbox or product modal which appears with images of the product as well as a brief description whenever a user hits the quick view button on the product. In addition to enabling or disabling it, you can modify every aspect of this option from top to the bottom. Utilizing this free quick view feature that comes with Elementor page builders it is possible to use the option of deciding how you would like your customers to interact with your product.


Let the Buyers specify the product they want to purchase using Variation Swatches

WooCommerce Variation Swatches let shoppers select the attributes that they want to use for their variation products.

With the help of swatches of product variation from ShopEngine, You can transform the fields of product variation in radio pictures, labels, and colors. It’s time to eliminate the dropdown fields of attributes for your products off your site and welcome variation swatches available for WooCommerce.

Along with changing the background and border sizes, It is also possible to activate and deactivate this feature anytime you like. Switch to variations Swatches and change the field for selecting variations into something that is more elegant and attractive.


Let the Buyers Compare Products Side By Side

Its Product Comparison module of WooCommerce will allow customers to look at the products in your store using the help of a table.

It is possible to set an add-to-compare button that will allow users to see the differences between products from the custom page. They’ll be able to choose attributes for comparison. With this clever WooCommerce product-compare module, you are able to customize the buttons for comparison through the settings of the widget in Elementor.


Inform your customers about the availability of your products through ShopEngine’s badges feature.

This module allows you to reveal the percentage of discounts you’re offering on different items. This module will be able to attract more customers since people are more likely to purchase items during sales.

The Badges module can also assist you to customize the badge’s color, size, font, etc. With these modifications, you can enhance your offerings.


Give your customers a speedy checkout option that saves your customers’ time.

ShopEngine provides a fast checkout feature to the checkout page of your eCommerce store. This feature will allow your customers to avoid the shopping cart website and go straight to the checkout page to have quick checkout.

The quick checkout feature can not only make it easier for you to use your checkout process but will also aid your customers in getting the best shopping experience possible by saving them time.


Your customers should be able to pay their bills in part.

This module can increase the conversion rate of your products by adding the option of a partial payment method for each product you sell. With this feature, those who are unable to purchase due to financial constraints will be able to purchase your product. In addition, you can improve customer satisfaction by providing this option.

ShopEngine will assist you in building trust in your customers’ minds. Because once they have seen this option customers who are unsure about purchasing will be able to test your products.
This can optimize your shop’s page, thereby increasing sales.


Make a pre-order for your product and allow your customers to order items prior to the release of your product.

The Pre-order feature of ShopEngine allows you to add the option of pre-ordering your items. This means that you’ll have precise information about the need for your product.

ShopEngine does not just allow you to include pre-order choices but also allows you to personalize this option. Ensure that your pre-order button is more appealing and will help to increase conversion.

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