Download Free Astra Pro v3.9.4 – Extend Astra Themes With the Pros Addon

Download Free Astra Pro v3.9.4 – Extend Astra Themes With the Pros Addon is an effortless WordPress design, but without the expensive costs. With the time you’ll be able to save, it’s an item that will pay for itself! With a wide range of site designs to pick from, Astra Pro WordPress Theme lets you build and design websites to meet your requirements and the market you’re serving.

Better Typography

With more than 800 Google fonts included in the list and a variety of typography options to choose from, you can ensure you are using the top typography that makes a statement on your site.

Download Free Astra Pro v3.9.4 - Extend Astra Themes With the Pros Addon

Colors & Background

With Astra Pro, you are able to control the colors and backgrounds of any part of your site. The theme offers you total control over each section with precision.

Blog Layouts

Create a beautiful blog by using many layout variations. Make a stronger impression on your readers through a mix of blog posts with modern designs.

Multiple Header Designs

Astra Pro gives you an assortment of headers that you can pick from. It is now possible to add a header above and below the primary header or you can make them transparent, or sticky based on your requirements.

Flexible Footer Layouts

Customization through Astra Pro is applicable to the footer, too! You can choose the layout of your footer and add columns that are most appropriate to your needs for your website.

LifterLMS Integration (Download Free Astra Pro)

This Astra + LifterLMS integration lets you create the most engaging education experience on the internet for those visiting your site. Astra ensures that you have the complete freedom to design every aspect of your website to create a stunning appearance.

Features like distraction-free learning, conversion-focused checkout pages, and many more let you design a site that is focused on learning and increasing conversion.

LearnDash Integration

Its Astra + LearnDash Integration makes it simpler for you to design and design a stunning site for the online learning course. Astra offers a variety of choices for design and functions that concentrate more on delivering a better learning experience.

Do you want to design a free, conversion-focused site for the next class using LearnDash? Combine it with Astra and discover a variety of customizations to aid you in doing so.

Gutenberg Blocks Seamless Compatibility

Prior to the official launch of Gutenberg, Astra was among the first themes that became Gutenberg-compatible. As time passed the compatibility increased. In present, Astra offers the most comprehensive library of templates to start with for Gutenberg and the capability to design custom layouts using editors, as well as also automatically handling Gutenberg blocks’ style and spacing.

Astra Pro VS GeneratePress Premium


Astra Pro WP Theme Free Download (FULL GUIDE)

The Header Footer Builder

Create stunning headers and footers by using an easy drag-and-drop Header Footer builder that allows you to access the elements you require and adjust their appearance to fit your website. Everything you build is in line with the theme, and not even a single code line!

Mega Menu

Through Astra you can design multi-media menus with interactive elements that look both user-friendly and appealing.

More Header Designs for Headers

You can pick a the sticky header or design header with advanced elements

Spacing Control

Make sure that spacing is maintained within layouts and modules to make an attractive and easy-to-read website.

WooCommerce Designer

Astra is the ideal WordPress theme for building an efficient and tidy WooCommerce store in a short time.

Footer Widgets

You can select from different footer layouts, and then add widgets that make the footer more appealing.

Hooks and Filters

Hooks and filters let users to personalize every aspect of a website to personalize it to your needs.

Page Headers

Customize and add the above, below , and principal headers on your web pages.

5 Star Support

With our committed team of developers, you’ll get timely assistance and updates.

Websites that are pre-built

Make your website faster to design by making use of pixel-perfect ready-to-use demo websites from our collection of starter templates.

Customize Your Own Design Without Coding

Change the appearance of the theme with an array of options within The WordPress Customizer. There is no need for coding skills!

Made for Page Builders

Astra offers you the option to disable the title of your page and sidebar. Design full-width pages and enjoy complete design freedom.

Super Fast Performance

Astra is designed to speed. It’s the lightest theme available on the market and delivers unbeatable performance.

Make Everything Customized Easily

Your website will not only be quick and responsive, but you’ll also be able to modify it to appear exactly as you would like by using our theme visual customizer. It’s simple and fast!

Layout Settings

In this space, one is able to control the design of the web container including header archives, blog single pages, posts and footer, sidebars, and footer.

Header Options

Astra includes a variety of header layouts already built-in. The Pro upgrade extends the possibilities and expands features.

Colors & Typography

Make fonts and colors easy to set! It’s crucial to know how to create fonts and colors that match your brand.

Blog & Archives

You can control the design of your blog posts and archive pages by using clever options within the customizer. You can control the width, content as well as meta.

There is no jQuery

A lot of times, rendering blocking jQuery is a method of optimization of performance. So Astra uses Vanilla JavaScript instead.

less than 50 KB

Astra is light. It only requires 50 KB of resources, while many of the other WordPress themes need at least 300 KBs.

Only 0.5 seconds!

With the default WordPress information, Astra loads in less than a half-second. It was designed for speed and optimized for performance.

Changelog Astra Pro – Extend Astra Theme With the Pro Addon

Version 3.9.4 December 09, 2022


  • Redesigned the entire customizer UI for a better user experience.

WooCommerce – General:

  • Quantity Plus Minus Button Options With Multiple Designs.
  • Modern Input skin type.
  • Ajax-based quantity selector.
  • Introduced Color and background option for Sale badge.
  • Added a new modern view option for shop style.
  • Introduced unique filter panel design.
  • Introduced sticky shop filter sidebar option.
  • Added accordion compatibility for WooCommerce filter widgets.
  • Added Flyout and Collapsible option for WooCommerce filters panel.

WooCommerce – Single Product:

  • Added sticky add-to-cart on a single product.
  • Product tabs heading – Product tabs heading – Added normal, hover, and active text color support.
  • Added Color and Typography options for Category text.
  • Added Enable/Disable Quantity Plus-Minus sign option.
  • Added Option to Add Extra Product Description.
  • Introduced tab-style presets for product details. ( Accordion / Distributed ).
  • Introduced previous-next product preview option on navigation hover.
  • Payment options list in a single product structure.
  • Introduced sticky product summary option.
  • Toggle to Convert Variation and select the dropdown to buttons UI on the Single Product page.
  • Added Multistep Navigation for Cart, Checkout, and Order Received pages.

WooCommerce – Cart:

  • Modern Cart Layout.
  • Sticky Cart total on scroll on WooCommerce cart page.

WooCommerce – Checkout:

  • Modern Layout.


  • Single Product – Option to Show/Hide Category on WooCommerce single product page.
  • Single Product – Product gallery Layout options ( First Image Large / Vertical Slider / Horizontal Slider ).
  • Single Product – Product Navigation color options ( Normal & Hover ).


  • Related Products & Upsell columns not working on responsive devices.


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