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Want to Earn Money from YouTube. Are you looking to turn your passion for YouTube into a steady source of income? Do you want to learn how to create engaging content, grow your audience, and monetize your channel? Look no further than Mentor Online's comprehensive course on how to earn money from YouTube!

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced YouTuber, Mentor Online's course will guide you through every step of the process. From setting up your channel to creating high-quality content, building your audience, and monetizing your videos, you'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to turn your YouTube channel into a successful business.

The course covers everything from the basics of YouTube, such as understanding the platform and its algorithms, to more advanced topics like search engine optimization (SEO) and video marketing strategies. You'll also learn how to use analytics to track your progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to grow your channel.

With Mentor Online's course, you'll have access to a team of experienced instructors who are experts in YouTube marketing and optimization. They'll provide you with personalized guidance and support throughout the course, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to build a successful YouTube channel and earn money from your content. Plus, you'll receive a certificate of completion from Mentor Online, which you can use to showcase your skills and attract potential sponsors or clients.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a YouTube pro with Mentor Online's comprehensive course. Enroll now and start your journey to YouTube success today.

Remember, Mentor Online is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and become a successful YouTuber. With our comprehensive course and experienced instructors, you'll be well on your way to earning money from your YouTube channel.


1- Overview

• Start Success with this Plan

2- Introduction

• How YouTube Works (2023 Guide)

• Must know these Policies before start YouTube

• YouTube Topic is king in 2023

• How much is too much content

3- Let’s Start

• How To Choose Channel Name

• Viral Video Ideas for YouTube Channel

• TOP 70+ Niche to Start YouTube Channel (List)

• Your niche & how important it

• How Fast will you Grow

• Don’t compare to others

• Free Keywords Research Tool

4- YouTube Channel & Optimizing it

• Create Gmail Account

• Gmail Account Security (Very Important)

• YouTube Account Creation

• YouTube Channel Name & Avatar

• Have your YouTube Channel Verified

• About Page Needs Attention

• About Page Optimization

• Create YouTube Channel

• Website & social media Linking

• Create Multiple Channels with 1 Account

• YouTube Dashboard Explained

• Guide about YouTube Community Tab

• YouTube Analytics Tab

• YouTube Competitor Analysis

• Best Tool for YouTube Competitor Research

• How to Manage & Plan YouTube Content

5- YouTube Content

• Find Content People ACTUALLY Want

• YouTube Indexing vs. Ranking

• Best Time to Post on YouTube Part 1

• Best Time to Post on YouTube Part 2

• YouTube Video Metadata Tutorial

• 3 Sites for 100% FREE Stock Video

• Proven YouTube Title Formula to Rank #1

• YouTube Video Description Template

• Are You Using Hashtags?

• YouTube Timestamp Hack

• Category, Location, + More

6- YouTube Video Editing

• Best Video Editor for YouTube

• Requirements for Video Creation

• Video Creation Method 1

• Video Creation Method 2

• Video Creation Method 3

• How to edit Video Professionally

• Video Material you can Use it.

• Engaging Script for YouTube Video

• Video structure to grow fast

7- YouTube Live Streaming

• LIVE Stream on YouTube OBS Studio

• Earn Money with YouTube Live Streaming

• How To Live Stream on YouTube MOBILE (Android & iPhone)

8- Uploading Content


• Grow 50k+ Subscribers on YouTube OVERNIGHT

• How to Manage & Plan YouTube Content

• Best Tool for YouTube Competitor Research

• YouTube Timestamp

9- Playlist SEO

• Get More SEO Juice From Playlists

10- YouTube SEO

• How YouTube SEO Works

• SECRET Channel Tag Strategy

• FREE YouTube Channel ‘About’ Template

• YouTube Indexing vs. Ranking

• 7 YouTube SEO Tips to Increase Subscribers

• Difference Between Ranking on Google vs YouTube

• Place Keywords in Videos to Get Ranking

• Some Pro Tips for YouTube SEO

11- Growing Steps YouTube

• What I do step-by-step to grow

• YouTube Video Metadata Tutorial

• 3 Sites for 100% FREE Stock Video

• Find Content People ACTUALLY Want

• 5 Ways to Drive MORE Traffic

• Get More Views on YouTube

• GET 1000 Subscribers FAST

• Free Tools to get more views

• Hot Traffic from TikTok

• 1 Trick Only! Get More Views

12- Faceless Videos

• Multiple Faceless Video Ideas

• Best Niches to Make Money

• YouTube Shorts

• How to Make YouTube Shorts

• YouTube Shorts Channel Ideas for Fast Grow

• Copy & Paste YouTube Shorts

• How to Earn Quick from YouTube Shorts

13- Earning

• Earn 2000/Day Easily with this method

• Earn 2000/Day Easily with this method 2

• How to Viral Short Video on YouTube

• How to Start Earning from 1st Day

• Earn without anything doing.

• Earn Money without Monetization

• Channel Optimization Service

14- YouTube Tools

• YouTube Handle Benefits

• Make Money with YouTube SUPER CHAT

• Make Money with YouTube Channel Memberships

• YouTube Viewership Trends

15- Copyright Guides

• All About Copyright Claim

• YouTube strike explained

16- Monetization

• How to Get 4k Hours Watch Time

• How to Get 1K Subscribers Fast

• How to Link AdSense to Your YouTube Channel

17- Promotions

• Secret Websites to Promote Channel Free

• Promote YouTube Videos with Facebook

• Promote YouTube Videos with Facebook Ads

• Promote YouTube Videos with YouTube Ads

Course Content


  • 24:52
  • Class 02
  • Class 03
  • Class 04
  • Class 05
  • Class 06
  • Class 005
  • Class 07
  • Class 08
  • Class 09
  • Class 10
  • Demo Video Idea
  • Class 11
  • Class 12
  • Class 13
  • Class 14
  • Class 15
  • Class 16
  • Class 17
  • Class 18
  • Class 19
  • Class 20
  • Class 21
  • Class 22
  • Class 23
  • Class 24

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