Learn how to Create, Grow and Monetize Facebook Pages to make Passive Income. with the Physical Training based Facebook Instream Ads Course in Faisalabad by Mentor Online

This course is designed for all level people who want to earn passive money for Facebook pages with instream ads. beyond this course we are providing WhatsApp Group support. Enroll in course now and be a part of Facebook instream ads course in Faisalabad.

Facebook Instream Ads Course Detail (Earning 100%)

Starting from 5July 2023



Discount till 17 Sep

Full Fee

Physical Training

Sat - Sun - Tue 21 Days

05:00 PM to 06:30 PM

20,000 RS

30,000 RS

Online Training

Recorded Classes

Will Upload within 24 Hours

15000 RS

20,000 RS

2 Installment Option Available with Full Fee

Facebook Instream Ads Course in Faisalabad

One of the biggest opportunities to make money online right now is Facebook, the social giant is taking the competition directly to YouTube and has introduced multiple monetization methods which for the first time allows you to EASILY get a cut of the multi billion dollar advertising juggernaut that is Facebook. Which is why right now is the best time to get into Facebook monetization. Since 2020 we 've had the opportunity to be one of the lucky few who had access to the monetization features offered by Facebook, which let to making thousands by simply sharing videos and articles on Facebook.

What is Facebook In-Stream Ads?

Ad breaks are short ads that appear before or during longer-form videos on Facebook that build loyal fan followings. … There are three types of ad breaks today – mid-roll, pre-roll, and image ads.

What are reels on Facebook?

Reels are fun and inspiring short videos consisting of music, audio, AR effects, text overlays and more, and you can now create them in the Facebook app on your mobile device! Your reels are shared directly to your fans in their core News Feed and to new audiences in a dedicated Reels section in News Feed that gives people who are new to you the opportunity to discover and enjoy your creations.

Curriculum of Facebook Instream Ads Training in Faisalabad

Module 1 Introduction
  • What is Facebook instream ads?
  • Introduction to Earning Money from In-Stream ads in your videos
  • Facebook Page Algorithm Explained
  • Facebook Monetization Policies Explained
  • Difference between Profile Page and Classic Page
  • How to check Eligibility Criteria for Monetization
Module 2 Topics Hacks
  • How to Select Videos Topics for Facebook Pages.
  • Finding a Niche
  • Find Viral Content for Instream Ads 1
  • Find Viral Content for Instream Ads 2
  • Find Viral Content for Instream Ads 3
  • 90 Days Organic Plan
Module 3 Page Creation
  • Choosing a best name for you Page
  • How to Create Facebook Page with full Settings
  • Make Your Page looks professional
  • Importance of Posting Frequency and Scheduling
Module 4 Facebook Tools
  • How to Use Creator Studio (Deeply Explained)
  • Monetization Tools Application
Module 5 All About Ads Manager
  • What is Ads Manager
  • How to add Payment for Ads
  • How to run ads Part 1 (Practical)
  • How to run ads Part 2 (Practical)
Module 6 About Business Manager
  • Why is important Business Manager Account for Page
  • How to create Business Manager Account
Module 7 Organic & Paid Hacks
  • How to get First 100 Likes in Days
  • Getting 10k Targeted Likes
  • How to Complete 10K Followers for Facebook instream ads Monetization
  • How to Complete 6 Lakh Views for Facebook instream ads Monetization
Module 8 All about Content
  • Types of contents you can use for Instream Ads without any copyright
  • How to create your own content (Personal Techniques)
  • How to use copyrighted content for earning
  • How to use Movies Content
  • How to use WWE Content
  • How to use Chinese Content
  • How to work on Paid Content for Instream Ads
  • How to earn from Gaming Content for earning
  • All about Live Streaming (OBS Go Stream)
  • How to Upload videos on Facebook Pages to Make Money
  • Thumbnail Tags and More Important Techniques
  • Get more Viral audience for you Facebook Page
  • How to complete criteria with your own content.
  • How to Monetize your Facebook Page with In-stream Ads
  • How to upload Tax form to avoid hold payments
  • Guide for Avoid Facebook Page Violation
Module 9 How to Get More Views
  • How to boost Video
  • How to show video in Suggestion (Method)
  • Video Repost Hacks
  • Viral Retargeting Strategy
Module 10 Advanced Hacks
  • How to Create USA Id within few minutes
  • How to manage page from Pakistan
  • What is RDP & How to use RDP and USA ID
  • How to secure your Facebook Page and Profile
  • How to Remove Restrictions and Violations
Module 11 All about Sharing Videos
  • How to manage multiple Facebook IDS for Groups sharing
  • How to find Groups for Million Views
  • Groups Sharing Method 1
  • Groups Sharing Method 2
  • How to get best RPM
Module 12 Payout Solutions
  • How to secure payouts to avoid holds
  • How to change Bank without getting Pause Issue
  • How to chat with payout support team.
Module 13 100% Earning Doors
  • Complete Road Map for Earn in Days
  • Start Your Earning within 32 Days
  • How to earn from Fiverr by selling in stream ads services
  • How to earn from Facebook by selling in stream ads services
  • How to earn from Whatsapp by selling in stream ads services
Module 14 Reels Bonus
  • Introduction to Facebook Bonus Program
  • What are Reels on Facebook
  • Eligibility Criteria for Reels Bonus
  • How to find content for Reels Bonus
  • How to Edit Reels Bonus Videos
  • How to increase chances to get Reels Bonus
  • How to get instant reels bonus.
  • What type of content you can use for Reels
  • How to share Reels in secure way
  • How to earn 30k PKR monthly without us bank.
  • How to earn 100k monthly without us bank.
  • How to earn 300k monthly without us bank..
  • How to earn Maximum from reels in one month
  • How to complete 1200$ with Reels Bonus .
  • How to create and mange reels payouts.
  • How to Earn without Investment with Reels Bonus

Why Mentor Online is The Best Facebook Instream Ads Training Institute in Faisalabad

Physical Training

100% Income

WhatsApp Support

Recorded Access

What are the Requirements for Facebook Instream Ads Course?

PC & Internet

Small Investment

Facebook Pages

Get Special Discount for Disable Persons Instream Ads Course in Faisalabad

Discount only for Disabled Persons

Facebook Instream Ads Course in Faisalabad FAQs

What is instream ads in Facebook?

In-stream ads are image or video ads that play before, during or after your videos that can help you earn money on Facebook. You can manage in-stream ads in Creator Studio. You can place ads in specific videos or turn on in-stream ads for all of the videos on your Facebook Page.

Do I need any skill to learn Facebook Instream Ads?

No. You don’t need any knowledge or skill. Facebook Instream Ads Course in Faisalabad will teach you completely step by step and you will be able to earn money from Facebook Instream Ads.

What are the Requirements to learn FB Ads Break Course?

You don't need anything to learn Facebook in-stream ads course. But you will need special attention and must have a laptop or PC, and internet connection.

What is the duration of the Facebook Instream Ads course?

The duration of this course is 21 days. Our effort is that you start earning during the course, for that you must follow the course.

What is the fee of the WordPress Course in Faisalabad?

The Facebook Instream Ads course fee is PKR 5,000 for 1st 10 Students a limited time (available at a special discount until next week).

Will I be able to learn this course at all in the basics?

Yes, the Facebook Instream Ads course is designed in such a way that you will be able to understand the techniques taught in it very easily.

How many classes will there be in a week of Facebook in-stream ads course in Faisalabad?

Facebook Ad Break Course in Faisalabad will have 3 classes in a week. Days are Sat - Sun & Tue

Will there be a recording of each class of the Facebook Ads Break course?

Yes, there will be recording of every class of Facebook in-stream ads in Faisalabad. Which will be published within 24 hours.

Can Facebook in-stream ads course be joined online?

Yes, we have made it possible for you to watch the recordings of Facebook Instream Ads Course Faisalabad classes.

Where to get the support for those joining Instream Ads course?

We have provided WhatsApp group facility for your convenience, where you will be given more opportunities with full support.

Can I Join Facebook In Stream Ads Course Faisalabad?

Yes, Facebook in Stream Ads course is being launched for the first time in Faisalabad to give you complete training up front.

Will I be able to earn money after learning the Facebook in-stream ads course?

Yes! In Facebook Ad Breaks Course in Faisalabad, you will learn how to earn money from Facebook in different ways and we will try to get you started earning during the course.

Learn How to earn from Facebook Instream Ads Course in Faisalabad

Enroll in the Instream Ads Course in Faisalabad!
  • Introduction
  • Topics Hacks
  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Facebook Tools
  • All about Facebook Ads Manager
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Organic & Paid Hacks
  • All about Content
  • How to Get More Views
  • Pakistani's can Earn
  • All about Sharing Videos
  • Payout Solutions
  • 100% Earning Doors
  • Facebook Reels Bonus