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Inside the Course

Niche Research

Niche Research
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We will tech you how to start with generating revenue Niches. Learn the secrets of Making Money through Blogging or Affiliate Site.

  • Introduction Niche Research
  • How to Find winning Blog Niche
  • How to Find Gold Blog Niche
  • Amazon Niche Research
  • 3 Brainstorming Ways to find Niches Quickly
  • Niche Road Map
  • Niche Selection
  • Best Tools for Niche Selection
  • Lowest Niche Competitors
  • Finalizing Niche
  • Assignment
  • & More

Keyword Research

Keyword Research
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You will need to know, how to find best keywords for your Blog site or Amazon Affiliate. We will tech you with multiple ways.

  • Keyword Research Introduction
  • Free Keyword Research Tools
  • Google Recommended Keywords Selection
  • Best Way to Find Low Competition Keywords
  • In Days Get Traffic Keywords
  • Which are Best Keywords
  • Assignment
  • & More

Domain & Hosting

Domain & Hosting
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If you are don't know, what is domain. then don't worry. because with this module you will learn 2x ways of finding domain.

  • Introduction to Website Setup
  • Website Budget
  • Domain Name for Blog Site
  • Domain Name for Affiliate Blog Site
  • Domain Buying
  • Hosting Buying

Themes & Plugins

Themes & Plugins
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After We have selected Niche for our Site and also done Domain and Hosting, then we will setup our website with recommended Themes, Plugins and WordPress Settings.

  • Best Themes Recommended
  • Installation of WordPress & SSL
  • Recommended Plugins
  • Complete WordPress Site Setting
  • Home Page Rank able Design
  • Rankmath Setting Updated

Content Writing

Content Writing
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Mostly peoples are failed when they need to content for blog website. With this module you will learn lot of ways of content writing with depth. Yes sure, Manual & Auto

  • Content Search Intent Introduction
  • Myth of Content Research
  • Figuring Out the Best Article Types
  • Magic Headline Formulas
  • In which Best Info or Commercial
  • Power of Intro (Practical)
  • Informational Content Writing (Tools)
  • Informational Content Writing (Manual)
  • Commercial Content Writing (Tools)

On Page SEO

On Page SEO
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Yes we've done keyword research, ready our blog content, domain, hosting, website all done then need to publish blog articles on website with latest On Page SEO Techniques.

  • Introduction of On Page SEO
  • On Page SEO Auto
  • Uploading Content
  • Publishing fully On Page SEO Optimized Content

Web Indexing

Web Indexing
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How to get traffic for website or how to generate revenue from blog site. These questions will always marked if you don't know Web Indexing and Fast Indexing Techniques.

  • Website Indexing Platforms
  • Fast URL Indexing
  • Where to do best Pinging

Traffic Hacks

Traffic Hacks
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This module specially designed for new blog website. You will learn and also will get organic traffic and will also get some secrets.

  • Introduction of this Module
  • All About Affiliate Site & Blog Site
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Guest Posting
  • Email


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Be Happy, we've land at Revenue Generating Door. You will learn more and more AdSense techniques from Scratch, and also will share and secret road map.

  • Importance of AdSense
  • Have you done this before Apply
  • AdSense Rejections Solutions
  • Ads Automation
  • & More


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With this module, I'm giving you a personal method. You will earn $300 with AdSense Site from 1st month, and also giving you a track to generate revenue from Amazon.

  • Get 1st Affiliate Product Order Instantly
  • Earn $300- $400 from 1st Month with AdSense 100%
  • Amazon Affiliate Automation
  • & More

What You Will Get

Premium 12+ Ultra Core Modules and Live & Recorded Lessons

Worksheet, Assignments, Checklist

Step by step Action Plans with multiple modules.

Will share some doors to start generate revenue with multiple ways.

Most frequent questions and answers

Which sickles will I have after this training
  • You’ll know how to monetize your website to its potential. 
  • You’ll be able to work as a virtual assistant and make money with freelancing.
  • You'll know how to build website and flip it.
How Much Money Am I Going To Make After Going Through The Course?

It all depends on you how you learn the course. How do you plan? In this course of mine you will get to learn so much that you can earn good income if you understand everything well.

I guarantee, adopting the tactics taught in this course will never let your account go empty. Thus, you should set high expectations in order to achieve them.

How Many Hours Will I Need To Dedicate To This?

The great thing about SEO and blogging is that you can truly be your own boss. Although seven hours per week or 2 Hours everyday will suffice,

Will I Get Any Assignment From Your Side?

Yes of course, the main purpose of this course is to see your work, to test you. If you don't understand something, you should be fully guided. we might ask for a reason behind it as well! After submitting your work, you will get feedback from one of our team members.

How Can I Pay The Course Fees?

There are several ways to pay for the course. Depending on your feasibility, you can use the following service to pay the mount.

  • Meezan Bank
  • Faysal Bank
  • ABL
  • Paypal
  • Jazzcash / Easypaisa
  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
What If I Can't Make Money After Completing The Course?

A unique thing about this course is that it teaches you different methods, with the help of which there is no question of not earning.

If you follow all the techniques well then you can't say I am not making money.

Further, in this course, you are being told a method with the help of which you will be able to withdraw $300 in the first month.

Can I Share My Account Access With My Friends Or Someone Else?

It is strictly prohibited that you share your course account access or course material with anyone, nor allow anyone to download any course material. If you are found to be passing off content from this course, your membership will be terminated immediately with no refund given and a permanent ban placed on all subsequent accounts belonging to that email address.

Will This Course Keep On Being Updated And Do I Need To Pay For Updates?

No, the course duration is exactly 2 months. I will deliver all lectures (both recorded and live) within 2 months of releasing the course. After this period, I will stop doing live lectures and creating new course videos. But it doesn’t end here. You will have access to the support Forums, so you can ask your question at any time.

What If I’m A Complete Newbie? Can I Succeed With This?

Every successful person starts from zero.

The design or format of this course is such that it is very easy for you to understand everything and you do not have any difficulty in practical work.

Can You Look At My Site And Guide Me What To Do?

Yes, you can have this facility to post your issues in the support group where I will provide personal consultancy with complete support to find and fix the issues in your site once a month

Is The Tools Cost Included In Course Fees?

The tools can be purchased separately. These days, SEO tools are easily available at a very low price, and you can get them from any tools provider. Each month, it will cost you around 1000-3000 Pakistani rupees.

Can I Offer Service Of These Skills After Learning The Course?

It’s highly recommended that after completing our course, you consider taking up jobs as a virtual assistant or an SEO specialist; these are great ways to earn money online!

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